Last Minute Wedding Details To Remember

 The big day is finally here! Your stomach is filled with butterflies and you just cain't wait to say I do! With so much going on on the days leading up to the wedding it's easy to over look some details that are very important to the wedding day. Luckily we are here to leave a friendly reminder to help you have everything ready for the special day ahead. Here are some must have items to have prepared for your wedding day. 

1. Wedding License 

This one is very important but it is also easily forgotten. With so many other fun things going on your marriage license doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves. In order to make sure you have it with you on your wedding day be sure to secure it in it's own folder and pack it in your bag for your wedding. That way the morning of you won't be frantically looking for it. 

2. Prepare Tip Envelops

It is customary to tip your vendors for their amazing service and some couples forget that. To avoid this it is good to have envelops set up for each of your vendors with their tips. This is great to do before the wedding day to avoid having to separate them and sort them all out the day of. 

3.  Bridal Suite Must Haves

Remember to pre pack all of the things you will need with you while you get ready in your bridal suite. Be sure to take water and snacks to avoid getting dehydrated and having that mid day energy crash. You might also want to bring your phone charger, some retouching makeup like powder and lipstick you are planning on wearing. 

4. A Little Help 

It is a great idea to designate someone to help you pack up your personal items after the wedding. That includes things in your bridal suite that you won't be able to do after the reception is done. Wedding venues typically want the the space cleaned out after the wedding so having someone in charge of your things is great. It is important to have some one before the wedding day just to avoid the stress of finding someone the day of. 

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