Anticipation, preparation and realization all mixed into one is the feeling of our most recent photo shoot for our upcoming bridal gown collections.  

It's always exciting to receive new collection dresses straight from productions.  Opening the boxes and seeing all the detailed hand-beading works and feeling the softness of the fabric is exhilarating.  And sure makes me cherish and appreciate all the hard work that goes into each dress, creating dream dresses for dream weddings.  

Planning and preparation for this photo shoot began weeks before with set designs, background choices, and selection of models, as we want to showcase the wedding dresses as beautiful as they are. 

As the time came closer to our shooting day, you can feel the anticipation building up as production team came together for setting up the set designs. 

The actual shooting day started early, as we expect the two planned shooting days to be as full as can be. As the sun raises, our lovely model was being prepped by beloved makeup artist, while the always confident photographer keeps busy with final adjustments for those picture perfect shoots.  And in the side room, dresses were in order and getting their final steaming and prepping for their grand debut.  

Each time our model steps out from the changing room and onto the set, you feel sparks fly and magic begins. Delicate beading really stands out in the lighting, shimmers and shines with each step. You feel true joy to have brides wear these private collections bridal gowns to begin their brand new chapter of their lives.    

The two shooting days sure went by fast. So now that the photo shoot is finished, additional work begins with the detailed task of viewing and reviewing each photo all to select just the right one.  Keen eye is definitely needed, as well as keeping in mind what the designer wants to emphasis with each dress and cutting.  All this will be followed by photo editing and finally the joyful presentation to you.  You may view our wedding dresses and accessories collections at

As always, our best wishes to all with   
much love, laughter, and joy.


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