6 Wine Bottle Wedding Decor Ideas

Repurposing wine bottles is a great way to add a unique touch to your wedding center pieces. It allows you to be eco friendly by reusing bottles. It is also budget friendly because you might already have empty bottles to use as. Lastly, it is a an easy DIY if you decide to do it all yourself. 

There are so many ways to dress these bottles up. Add some gold or sparkle if you are looking for a glam look. You can also choose to leave them clean and add flowers to them for a minimal look. Here are some of favorite ways to use wine bottles for your wedding decor. 

1. Candle Stick Holders

Why use the typical candle stick holders when you can give it a special touch with wine bottles. It is a beautiful display at your tables. You can use spray paint to make them match your color scheme. This will add great pop when guests look at the wedding tables. 

2. Table Numbers

Let your guests know what table they are at by using the wine bottles for numbering your tables. You can simply use paint to label the wine bottles and you've got a new table number. 

3. Custom Labels

Use custom labels to display empty or full wine bottles. You can leave full wine bottles for guests to have at their table that can be used to drink or just display.  It is also a nice keep sake for your guests. 

4. Seating Display 

Use wine bottles to display your seating chart. Each bottle can hold the table number and the name of those who will be sitting there. Dress up the bottles with flowers, pampas grass, or anything else you please. 

5. Natural Hue

Instead of using clear wine bottles go for ones with color. Let their natural color shine by leaving them as is. This is the ultimate definition of easy DIY. 

6. Light it Up

Use twinkle lights to illuminate your tables. This touch adds such a magical sparkle full of magic. 

We hope you loved these ideas. It is choose to use this easy and affordable decor. Be sure to follow us on our links below for more wedding inspiration. 

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