How To Use Baby's-Breath In Your Wedding

 What is usually known as a filler for floral bouquets and displays now takes center stage in many aspects of weddings. Gypsophila is also known as baby's breath and has become very popular in all wedding decor over these passed years. This floral is affordable and gives an ethereal look to any wedding. Let's take a look at some beautiful ways you can incorporate this cloudy floral in your wedding. 

Wedding Arch

Baby's breath is typically white but there are some variants that can be a pink color. Use a combination of both colors or just one for a beautiful wedding arch. You can choose to only showcase the flowers or leave some of the wooden arch exposed. 

Hanging Installations 

Using baby's breath for hanging installations is like bringing the clouds inside. They look spectacular over guests tables or even above the dance floor. 

Photo Backdrop

Snap all of your Instagram pictures with your guests in front of a stunning baby's breath backdrop. Be sure to tell your guests to use your Instagram hashtag if you are going to use one. 

Bridal Hairstyle

Add an extra touch of magic by adding baby's breath to your wedding hairstyle. It is the perfect touch to a braided style or long soft curls. 

Wedding Cake 

Adding florals to your cake always take it to the next level. If you are looking for a more simple look but with an extra touch then baby's breath florals are the way to go. 

Bridal Bouquet 

This is a no brainer when it comes to ways of using this floral but you can forget about using it as a filler. Highlight its beauty by making it the center of attention. An all baby's breath bouquet look incredible. You can also choose to use different colors for a more fun look. 

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