Celestial Wedding Theme

Take a love that is written in the stars and use those stars in your wedding. If you are a star lover and even an avid horoscope reader then this wedding theme is the one for you! Celestial wedding details have been shining brighter then ever as of recent. We love the colors of this them it is the perfect balance of elegant and fun. You can expect to see dark colors contrasted by shiny glitters. Here are some of our favorite ideas to have at your wedding. 

Guest Seating

You typically see the use of numbering tables to let guest know where they will be seating but how about switching that up. Play into that star theme with using constellation names and even zodiac names. This is small and special touch that compliments the celestial theme. 

You can also display the seating chart on moon shaped crescents that let guests know where they will be sitting. Another idea is to get a board of the star formation of when you and your partner got engaged. This can be done online through thenightsky.com. Once you have that picture you can use it to do your seating chart. This is such a special way to use this theme. 

Wedding Invitations 

Set the tone for a night under the stars with enchanting star filled wedding invitations. Dark blues and gold lettering look beautiful but you can also choose to go with a white color for a more crisp look. Here are some of our favorite inspiration. 

Alter Backdrop

Having a great backdrop is perfect for all of the first kiss photos that are going to be taken. For this idea you can go trendy with a neon moon sign or incorporate florals for an out of this world beauty. 

Bridal Footwear

Accessorize with the night sky even on your dancing shoes. You can choose sparkle shoes that have the same shine as the stars or shoes with actual stars on them. If that doesn't seem like your cup of tea you can also play off of the dark blue hues that is often seen with theme. 

Bride Accessories 

Complete your dazzling bridal look with celestial accessories. Some of our favorite are show stopping crowns and earrings. Don't be afraid to be bold with your bridal look. It is your day and you time to shine like a star.

Wedding Cakes

Make your wedding cake look as pretty as the night sky with these celestial cakes. Not only will they look amazing but they will probably taste just as great. 

Are you ready to have your love celebrated in the stars? Let us know what you think of this theme for your wedding. Be sure to follow us on our social platforms for more inspiration. 

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