Do You Need A Wedding Nail Trail?

 On your wedding day you want your bridal look to be perfect from the shade of your lipstick down to the design of your nails. It is common for brides to schedule hair and makeup trails but have you ever thought of doing the same for your nails? Your hands get a lot of attention when showing off that incredible ring on the finger. So it it natural to want your nails to look in tip top shape. If you are someone who doesn't regularly get their nails done then we would suggest doing a nail trail. 

This is a great way to get a preview of what you really want to rock for your wedding day. You can narrow down the exact look you want by adjusting colors and so much more. 

Keep these things in mind when it comes to your nails. 

Keeping it Real

For your wedding day nails it's a great idea to think if you are going to want to keep your natural nail length or add acrylics. Long nails are a popular trend but if you are not used to them acrylics may not be the way to go. This is why nail trails are great! It gives you the opportunity to test out how you feel in them. If you like them then you can go with the same look for your wedding day. 

The Right Nail Tech

This is another pro of having a nail trail. If you are not one to have a go to nail salon and nail technician then this give you the time find one that you like. Be sure to look up reviews on line or even talk to your friends about which ones they recommend. It is a good idea to have in mind what you want your nails to look at because some nail techs specialize in certain things. That way you can see if they are able to perform the look you want. 

Have Inspiration 

Just like your hair and makeup looks it's important to have some looks in mind you want to try. Make sure to bring pictures to your trail appointment. Don't be afraid to tell them specifics of what you want your nails to look like.   

Keep In Mind Lasting Power

It's a great idea to look into colors and styles that can last longer to ensure your manicure is looking fresh on your wedding day. Gel nail polish has typically more lasting power than regular nail polish to avoid any chipping. This is great especially if you do a lot of work with your hands to where it will be more prone to tarnishing. 

When You Should Schedule A Trail?

You are going to want to start the nail trail process about 6 months before your wedding. This should give you enough time to find the perfect style and salon. I know we have talked about the nail designs but it is also important to get manicures to keep your overall nail looking fresh. You can get that done every few weeks. As for designs and color you can try them out weekly until you find the perfect fit. 

Which Would Look Best?

It can be a struggle to maybe even find inspiration. When trying to narrow down what designs you want to try looking towards your wedding gown for inspiration. Play off some designs from that. You can also try something new. If you are a person that loves intricate designs try a fresh and clean look in your trail run. The outcome might surprise you. 

Do you think you will be doing a wedding nail trail? Let us know with a comment. Don't forget to follow us for more wedding and bridal inspiration. 

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