Think You've Found The Perfect Wedding Dress? Here Is How To Make Sure!

 When it comes to wedding dress shopping it is a fun and exciting experience but it can also get a bit overwhelming. This is especially true when you go from boutique to boutique and still don't seem to have any luck. Every bride has different taste and if you're one that is indecisive finding the perfect wedding dress may seem harder then you thought. 

There is no need to stress about finding the perfect wedding dress because perfect doesn't just have one meaning. Your wedding dress should be perfect for you and doesn't have to meet the requirements of anyone else. So when you try on a dress and think this might be the one be sure to ask yourself a few questions before saying yes to the dress.

These questions are not to cause second guessing or discourage you from getting a particular dress. They are to help you find a dress that truly speaks to you and that will work with your wedding. So do keep this is mind when you think you have found the one. 

1. Does it feel like you?

There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to your wedding dress. You might see gowns that are very trendy and feel the need to wear that but that shouldn't be the case. Your wedding dress should reflect what you want. It should feel like your style. You will probably have your friends and family with you when wedding dress shopping so make sure you don't let their comments influence you too much. Remember it is your day so you should wear a gown that you feel yourself in. 

2. Is it comfortable?

You are going to spend a lot of time in your wedding dress on your wedding so make sure your gown is comfortable. Just because a gown look incredible doesn't always mean it is meant to be. Take into account how well you can move in the gown. Is the fabric comfortable? Are you able to sit for a long time comfortably? These are all the things you should be thinking about to make sure your gown is good to go. Most importantly can you dance in it? 

3. Is it ideal for your season?

Different seasons means different types of weather to expect. That also means your wedding dress should be able to keep you cool or warm depending on when your wedding is. Another aspect to think about is what venue you are going to have during what season? If you are having an outdoor wedding during winter you might want to consider heavier fabrics and long sleeves for your dress. On the other hand and indoor venue during summer you can get away with semi heavy fabric as well because you will most likely have air conditioning to keep you cool despite it being hot outside. 

4. What is included in the price?

Unfortunately everyone has budget to stick to when it comes to the wedding and wedding dresses. So it's time to be realistic and ask yourself if the gown is in your budget? It's important to not only think about the price of the gown it's self be sure to ask if it includes anything else. Some store will price the gown and alterations together and some might not. Some stores may also have payment plans available so ask about this as well. Asking this will allow you to choose a gown that is in your budget and wont be devastating when you later find out it doesn't fit your budget. 

5. What is the arrival time?

Now that you think you might have found the right dress for it's important to ask when you will be able to receive the gown. This is why is it good to start wedding dress shopping about 6 months in in advance. Also be sure to take into account the time it will take for any alterations because 99% of the time you will need to alter your wedding dress. 

We hope these tips will help you find your perfect wedding dress. Remember to keep these things in mind and you are sure to be thrilled with your choice. 

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