4 Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

With the holiday season coming to an end you might have seen you social media filled with engagement announcements. There is actually a thing called engagement season and yes it's an actual thing. It usually takes place the same time as the holidays and this is the time most couple get engaged. So if you were fortunate enough of saying yes this season we say Congratulations! It's such a thrill to start a new chapter in your relationship. But you might be thinking well i said yes now what? No need to worry because we are here to guide you through your journey. 

Choosing Your Wedding Venue

One of the first things you should start thinking about when first getting started on your wedding planning journey is choosing your venue. This part can be very fun but also quite stressful. The wedding venue is very important because it set the tone for your overall wedding. It is basically a canvas on which you bring your big day to life. Remember to stick to something that reflects your style, theme, and personality. Also be sure to take into consideration of when you want to have your wedding. Certain months are busier than others so you will want to keep that in mind because your dream venue just might not be available. 

Get Inspired

Most people will say they have a secret board on their pintrest about planning a wedding since the beginning of time but they might be on to something. Getting inspiration is a great way to start thinking about what you want your wedding day to look like. From decor to your makeup look it can all be drawn from other brides. Here are some top places to get inspired

Blogs: Blogs just like our swill have all things wedding so be sure to follow us for more tips!

Instagram: Take a look at real brides wearing the designer gowns through instagram. We love sharing our brides so be sure to tag us to be featured. https://www.instagram.com/fiorecouture

Pinterest: Find our latest styles and collection on Pinterest. Along with so much more bridal and wedding inspiration. https://www.pinterest.com/fiorecouture1

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Getting Your Vendors

Wedding vendors are those that bring your wedding day to life. What would a wedding be without them. The first thing to think about is if your going to have a wedding planner. This is a very important vendor. Then we move on to the photographer. You of course are going to want as many photos of your day so you can't forget them. 

The Perfect Wedding Dress

This is our favorite part, the wedding dress! This is what we specialize in because there is nothing better then seeing a brides face light up when she finds her dream dress. Now what do we mean when we say the perfect wedding dress. This is completely up to you and your taste. The perfect wedding dress is something that makes your feel beautiful and confident. It shouldn't be something you say another bride wearing and now you think you have to wear the same thing. We design gowns for every style and we are sure you will find a gown that speaks to you like no other. 

We advise not shopping online for gowns and going in person to your local bridal boutique to personally see the gowns. Nothing compares to first hand experience. We would also advise looking into trunk shows. This is where a designer comes to the bridal boutique and show cases some styles that aren't typically available in store. 

We hope these tips can help you get started on your wedding planning journey. Please remember that before you start planning you should take time to celebrate and bask in the engagement. Start planning when you are ready. 

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