Easy & Stylish Ways To Coordinate The Bridal And Groom Look

There are many aspects to a wedding and a big one is what dress the bride will wear. Although a wedding dress is a big anticipated part of the wedding let us not forget the grooms look. A grooms look should be complimentary with of course mixing in his own style and taste. There are many ways to coordinate a bridal look and grooms look to achieve a stylish wedding style. Let's take a look at some ideas!

Matching Florals

When we say matching florals that doesn't necessarily mean wearing a floral suite. Although, if that is your style we say go for it! For those looking for a more subtle way we've got just the thing. Take a look at the colors in the bridal bouquets for inspiration. If you see bright pops of yellow think of wearing a bright tie or pocket square. You might also think of using that color for the overall suite. Another simple way is to of course match the boutonniere to the bouquet. 

Complimentary Formalailty 

Your overall wedding will have a formality and that will be reflected on your bridal and groom outfit. If the bridal look will be glamorous and formal then the grooms attire should mirror that. If the bridal look will be boho and carefree then the grooms look can play off of that as well. This is a perfect way to have a coordinated look with out having that matching aspect to it. 


Since a brides dress is typically white or ivory it is great to use neutral tones that compliment that. A groomsman can try a tan suite. With earthy accessories like brown, sage green, and maybe even an icey blue. Both bride and groom are sure to look sharp. 

Matching Metals

This one is a very subtle yet stylish way to have a bridal and groom look match. When picking out jewelry and accessories be sure to choose the same metal for both bride and groom. This just forms a unisen flow that carries out the look for a perfect streamline. This is also applies to the wedding rings themselves. 

Let us know what you think of these ideas with a comment! How are you planning on coordinating your wedding looks? For more wedding and bridal inspiration follow our link below. 

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