2021 Wedding Trends To Anticipate

 Happy New Year to you all! It's time for a fresh start and that also means fresh trends that will be emerging this year. We love seeing what the new year brings in all things weddings. 2020 sure was not something we anticipated but we hope this new year will bring something new and inviting. We have put together some trends that will be seen in 2021 when it comes to wedding decor, food, and fashion. Let's take a peek. 

Living Room Chic

We love seeing this trend, we say the comfier the better! Don't you agree? Take your living room sofa to a new location with this trend. Using sofas and living room chairs will continue to flourish in the year 2021. Typically the one's that are used resinate with a vintage aesthetic that can change with this new year. Don't be afraid to even take the rug out to really complete the look. Guests will love being comfortable and cozy in your wedding. If you are using them for an outdoor celebration to forget to decorate the area with some florals and plants to tie in the outdoor with the indoor. 

So Long Weekend

Couples are ditching the weekend weddings and going for the weekday. Over the year there has been a rise in choosing to have a wedding during the week. There are so many benefits that come from this like money saving, open availabilities, and festivities can extend to the weekend.  Weekday weddings will continue to grow in popularity in 2021 and we think it's a great idea.

I Do now, Party Later

2020 has taught us that nothing is certain and to live in the moment. That is why this year elopements became much more popular. This trend is going to be seen in 2021 as well. Many couples are eloping and then plan on carrying out their reception later. 

The Great Outdoors

There is a reason indoor furniture is now being seen outside and that is because more weddings are now outside events. 2020 was the year out outside everything. This will be seen all throughout 2021 weddings. What could be greater then beautiful skies and fresh air when having your wedding?

Single Teared Cakes

Weddings are becoming more casual over the years which means not going all out for certain things. In 2021 there single teared cakes will become more popular because of this. Single teared cakes will be all about details and flavor. 

Which trend do you hope to see this new year? Let us know and be sure to follow us on our social media platforms to stay updated with all things wedding. 

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