What To Expect For Your Wedding Cake in 2021

 We have seen so many changes to the traditional wedding cake over the years. We love seeing couples have a beautiful cake that is also delicious. Today we will be taking a look at some wedding cake trends we can expect to see in this new year. So sit back and enjoy as we guide you through new wedding cakes that are eye catching.  

Mixed Sweets

Take your wedding cake to the next level by combing sweets with it. Not only does it add to an interesting look but now you also get the best of both worlds with cake and any other sweet you would like to use. We have seen macaroons being used as well as donuts and even cupcakes. Bring your two favorite sweets together for your big day. 

Single Tiered 

As we mentioned in our 2021 wedding trends single tiered wedding cakes are on the rise. These are perfect for the microweddings which we have also seen an increase of. It offers the right amount for your small and intimate wedding. It is also great for that minimalistic wedding look.

Individual Mini Cakes 

Now this is not to get confused with cupcakes. These are small cakes that will be served individually to each guest. This goes hand in hand with the shift from buffet style of food being served to a more individualized approach. A much more safe approach due to the unexpected virus. 

Sugar Flowers

We have seen beautiful detailed flowers on cakes makes out of cake and in the year 2021 they are going to grow in popularity. Couples are having smaller weddings which means going big on certain parts of the wedding. This can be seen on decked out floral weddings cakes. 

Slimmer Tiers

2021 is the year of ditching those big and bulky tiered wedding cakes and go with a slimmer approach. With smaller weddings mean a smaller amount of guests. Which means no needs for so much cake. If you want to still have a tiered cake try going for skinnier tiers. This also looks more modern and gives you the perfect amount needed. 

Let us know which wedding cake caught your eye. Be sure to follow us for more wedding inspiration!

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