Expenses That Aren't Necessary At Your Wedding

 We can all agree that weddings can get pretty expensive. That is why it is so important to really sit down and create a detailed budget plan. Having a budget plan can help you decide what are must haves and things you can live without. Each couple is different of course so important things can change from one wedding to another. However, we have taken a look of things that most couples pass on. These items are seen as not essential to their wedding, making it easier to save some money. 

We all want to save some money where we can. This extra money can be used for some other part of the wedding or even the honeymoon. With these ideas we hope you can construct a budget that meets your needs but isn't too large.

Skip The Paper Programs

When was the last time you received a paper program at a wedding? These are a total skip in our book and in the end it can save you money. Not only is it an unnecessary expenditure but it also isn't very environmentally friendly. These are most likely to just get end up thrown in the trash or on the floor. Also creating a messy look to the wedding. If you would like a program display try having a board near the entrance letting guests what to expect. 

No Guest Transportation 

If you are having out of town guests at your wedding it is a nice gesture to have a transportation motive for them but it is totally not necessary. Having that option is nice but it didn't mean they would have used it. There is no need to waste money on this.

Ditch The Servers

Buffet style is the way to go is you want to cut down on expenses. There isn't a real need for servers unless you are planning on having plated meals. Going with a buffet style food is a great way to bring down the cost of the wedding. You can also use this money for a great bartender. It's all about knowing what you want to spend money on. Most guest would prefer a bartender then having servers. 

No Thank You, Wedding Favors

It is hard to pick wedding favors that your guest will actually use so why not skip it entirely. Wedding favors can get expensive so save some of that money by not having them. Most guest will not mind this because most of the time they go without using them. 

Hello Weekday

It is well know that weekend weddings are more expensive when it comes to booking a venue and vendors. That is why we think a weekday wedding is the way to go. We have a post dedicated to why weekday weddings rock so be sure to check it out. 

Save The Dates

Save the dates are a nice touch to have to announce when your wedding date will be. But are they necessary? The answer is no. You can contact your guests through email to let them know when the wedding will be. It is easier for them and you. You also get to save money by eliminating this.

No Need For Rehearsal Dinner

A rehearsal dinner is typically done after the rehearsal for the wedding. It consists of those who are involved directly with the wedding and also any guests you chose to have. This is nice way to get everyone excited for the wedding and celebrate but there is no need to have one. With the bachelorette/bachelor party and engagement party there are other ways to celebrate. So save some of your coin and choose to opt out of this. 

We hope these tips can help you save some money on your wedding and let us know what you are planning on cutting out from your wedding? For more wedding inspiration follow us on our social links below. 

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