Should You Have Your Wedding On A Weekday?

 Typically weddings always happen on a weekend either Saturday or Sunday. Have you ever stopped to wonder why that is? It could do with the fact that it's when people with 9-5 jobs can attend. Not everyone is expected to work on the weekends. This makes it easy for people to attend. But that's not always the case. Not everyone has the weekends off. Since the weekends are most popular it also makes for booking a venue harder. It also makes it more expensive. Typically venue prices are slightly higher when comparing weekend bookings to weekday and thats because of demand. 

So should you you consider having a weekday wedding? We say yes! It's great to break out of the box and start new traditions. There are some benefits that come with a weekday wedding. Are you ready to learn more? Let's get into it!

One great thing that comes from choosing a weekday wedding is lightening the stress factor. Due to the fact that most venue and vendors are booked for the weekend choosing a weekday opens up more availability. A weekday wedding has a more low-key easy going feel (although you can definitely make it as formal as you'd like) so you can also be a bit more worry free with your overall tone of the wedding. Your dress code can be more casual and your bridal look as well. If this is something you definitely want then a weekday wedding goes hand in hand with it. 

Another thing you can benefit from is some money saving. Like we mentioned before, venues and even venders tend to be more expensive when booking them on the weekend as appose the weekday. This can also open up more options of having package upgrades available. Vendors will do this to try and compensate for the lower prices they offer. So you may be paying the same amount as you thought but for more things included. 

Weekday weddings can also help you spend more time with your loved ones. A weekday wedding may allow those who traveled for the wedding to stay longer. If your wedding is on a Thursday they might choose to stay until Sunday as oppose to having the wedding on Saturday and having to leave on Sunday. This also means you can have an after wedding brunch the next morning and just enjoy each other company while still celebrating the marriage. 

Keeping your guests in mind and budgeting, weekday weddings are also a great money saver for your guests. Flights and hotel rooms are cheaper during the week then they are weekends. Not only is a weekend wedding a win for you but your guests as well. 

Do you think a weekday wedding is right for you? Let us know!

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