Ways To Preserve Your Bridal Bouquet After The Wedding

 Bridal bouquets are such a lovely accent to your wedding look. A lot of thought and money goes into picking out the perfect combination of florals to display. After the wedding day is over it is a shame to have to part ways with these beautiful flowers. What if we told you, you can reuse your bridal bouquet in different ways to have a great reminder of this special day.  There are ways you can preserve it or use it to make something create out of it. Let's get into some of these tips to using your bridal bouquet. 

Expert Help 

When preserving your wedding flowers you can consulting a professional that works with preserving your flowers. This is an easy way to keep them looking fresh just like the day you got them. They can dip them in silica gel or wax to help them keep their shape and color. This option can be costly but if it is your budget be sure to check it out. 

Pressed Beauties

Having your flowers pressed is a great idea to have them as beautiful decor. Pressing you flowers is a fairly easy thing to do. You need wax paper, a heavy book, and a frame or what ever you would like to display them on. When pressing you flowers be sure to arrange them in the position you would like for them to remain because after they are dried and pressed you cant move them. You will rest the flowers between the wax paper and place that in between book pages. Once they are secured you can add something heavier onto of the book for extra force. It should take 7 to 10 days for the flowers to be dry and pressed. Be sure to start the pressing process while the flowers are still fresh and vibrant. 

Dry Out Bouquet 

If you want to keep the voluminous beauty of your bouquet you don't have to press your flowers. Hanging your bouquets upside down to try is also a fantastic way of preservation. You can choose to hang the bouquet all together or disassemble it and hang each flower individually. The reason for hanging it upside down is to keep the flower from loosing its form. Flowers tend to droop down when they begin to die but hanging them gives gravity a chance to preserve them. It should take about a week for the flowers to be fully dry and be sure to keep them some where with not a lot of moisture. 

Using Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is used for many decorative projects. It is a liquid almost gel like that forms solid after some time and can be shaped into anything you please. You can turn your flowers into a book holder, a paperweight, and even a plate to display your rings or leave your car keys in. All you need to do it use the resin in a what ever mold you would like and place your flowers in there. Arrange them in the position you would like and wait for it to solidify. Be sure to use the flowers when they are still fresh. 

We hope these ideas inspired you to not keep your bouquet for such a memorable day. For more inspiration check out our links below. 

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