Modern Wedding Traditions You Should Incorporate

As time goes by we see many traditions changing in weddings. Everything can always use a little make over why not update some traditions in weddings. Your wedding should be what you want it doesn't have to be what others have always done. Don't be afraid to add your own charm. You can of course keep those traditions you do like. Today we will be going over some modern changes to tradition that you can incorporate. 

Who's Paying For The Wedding?

It is has been a tradition to have the brides parents that pay for the wedding. Now in days it is more common to have the couple pay for their own wedding.  This is such a great tradition because it shows you are financially independent and you now get to have the wedding exactly how you would like. There does not need to be any input from the parents because they are not paying for it. 

No Cell Phones During Ceremony

It may seem harmless to have your cell phone out to take pictures of the bride and groom or to record the exchanging of vows, but cell phones can really get in the way. Going cellphoneless is becoming more and more popular and it's easy to see why. When the wedding photographer is taking pictures you are not going to want cell phones in the air ruining the shot. Same goes for any recoding done. Just like when you go see a move at the theater you don't want your phone ringing and disrupting because it can be rude. 

No White Dress

White dresses haven't always been the traditional wear in the western culture and it doesn't always have to be.  A wedding dress should be something you are comfortable in and feel beautiful. More and more brides are choosing to switch things up with the color of their dress. It should be a reflective of your style because it is your day after all. We offer custom colors for our dresses you just have to consult with your bridal store and it is an easy process. 

Incorporating Pets

The modern trend is defiantly something to consider using for your wedding because it is adorable! Your pet is like a part of your family so why wouldn't you want them there for the big day. There are so many ways to have your pet be part of the fun. Having your pet with you is also great a relieving any anxiety and stress felt on the wedding day. 

Modern Honeymoon

The past few years the term mini moon has become more and more popular. More couples are choosing to go on a mini moon before or instead of doing a honeymoon. A mini moon is shorter more low-key honeymoon escape. It is great for couples to not have to rush into a honeymoon. After the mini moon they can later choose to go on a honeymoon while having more time to finalize everything. After all the wedding just ended and it's nice to take a little breather. 

No Need For Garter Toss/Bouquet Toss

This tradition was used to symbolize good luck and fertility. Now a lot of brides have decided against it. It may seem inappropriate or they just don't see the need for it. If this is how you feel there is no need to do.  it. The same goes for a bouquet toss. If you don't feel like it is necessary then go ahead and skit it. You can choose to give away each flower of the bouquet to let everyone feel like a part of the wedding. 

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