5 Must Take Wedding Photos With Your Bridesmaids

 Where would the bride be without her bridesmaids? Some of the closest family and friends by your side for this unforgettable chapter in your life. So of courser your going to want to get as many pictures as you can with your  I Do Crew. We've put together some photo option ideas that would look great for you and your bridesmaids. Let's take a look of what they are!

Getting Glam

This photo option captures that time a lot of friends enjoy doing on a daily basis which is getting ready together. This process isn't just about putting on make up or doing your hair it's where you all come together and talk about what ever you want. You ask for suggestions on lipstick color or eyeshadow. It's a fun time to listen to music and have a drink to get the celebration started. If you choose to wear matching sets of lounge wear or robes of course you're going to want photos in that. 

Dress Reveal

Showing your bridesmaids your bridal look complete is something so magical. They were probably there during the journey of trying to find the one. Helping you every step of the way to find your perfect fit. When it all comes together with the hair and makeup look it is something so special. Getting the reaction to that moment is precious. Every bride should have photos of this moment. 

Helping With Finishing Touches 

Having photos of your bridesmaids helping but on the finishing touches is such a symbolic photo. They have helped you through your wedding journey and now it is finally the day. Photos with them helping you put on your veil or finish buttoning up your gown. It shows just what an important part they play in your wedding and life in general. 

Candid Laughing Photos

Having photos that aren't necessarily posed for always the best. Capturing those raw moments makes for great memories. One of our favorites are laughing photos of brides and their bridesmaids. The best way to captures pure moments of happiness. 

Making Your Way To The Ceremony

Walking shots of everyone walking towards where the ceremony will take place are also great. It is right before everyone has to take their place and get ready for the guests to see them. It is also the last time bridesmaids get to see the bride before she makes here way to the alter. The excitement is high and emotions are strong so that makes for great photos.

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