At Home Glowing Skin Routine For Your Wedding

 Get your skin glowing and ready for your big day with this routine. As we all know our skin can be sensitive to certain skincare items so we have to test them out before hand. This skin care routine gives your plenty of time to get prepping before the wedding to insure you are looking fresh and glowy. When looking into starting a new routine you also need time for the results to actually show through. You should start this routine about 6 months before your wedding day. 

6 Months Away

They say our skin is a reflection of how our body is doing on the inside and that is true. During this time its great to start nourishing your body well so that your skin can reflect that on the outside. 

1. Staying Hydrated- Water is so important because that is what our body is mostly made of. Most people don't get enough water. Drinking plenty of water will reflect on your skin. Helps keep it supple and even with blemishes that can arrise. If you hate drinking water try adding lemon or berries for a boost of vitamins and flavor. Try a cute water bottle that makes it more enjoyable to drink from. 

2. Stay Calm- Managing your stress level is also something to think about. Wedding planning can be stressful so make sure to take time for yourself to unwind. Stress can cause break outs and tired looking skin. Try meditating each morning for at least 10 minutes. The time you would normally spend it on your phone turns into a time of peace. Go for a walk to clear your mind. Even try painting. What ever you like to do to relax now is the time to make it part of your routine. 

3. Exfoliated- Exfoliating your skin gets rid of the dead skin cells and leaves you with a glowing complexion. Take this time to find one that works well with you. We recommend chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid, aha's and bha's because they wouldn't cause micro tears in the skin like physical exfoliates might. 

5 Months Away

Now that you have taken time to relax and stay hydrated it's time to also look at what your eating. Food has an impact on how your skin is doing. It's also time to think about just how much sleep you have been getting.

1. Balanced Diet- It's time to start cutting back on certain things that can have negative impact on your skin. Avoid too much sugar and alcohol to keep your skin hydrated. 

2. Get Your Snooze On- Sleeping is something a lot people either don't get enough of or had difficulty with. Ask yourself if you are getting enough sleep. If you think you aren't start getting in the routine that allows you to get good sleep. Avoid electronic 1 hour before sleeping. Have a peaceful environment and avoid having bright lights. 

4 Months Away

Think about your skin care products and if you have a skin care routine. 

1. Cleansing- Find a cleanser that words with your skin type. If you want a glow complexion then don't use one that over drys your skin. We need it clean but not stripped from it's natural oils. 

2. Prepping- Before you add your moisturizer double up glow/hydration with a serum. Vitamin C is great for brightening and even fading dark spots. Hyloronic acid will help keep your skin hydrated through out the day. 

3. Moisturize- Now that you have cleaned and prepped the skin it's time to lock in the moisture. If you have dry skin look for a heaver cream. If you have oily skin you still want to moisturize just look for something of gel consistency for a light weight hydration.

3 Months Away

Now that you have a skin care routine it's time to start adding some additional treatments that will help get and keep that glow.

1. Sun Protection- Sun screen should always be part of your skin care but incase you were not using it before it's time to. SPF is recommended with some of the chemical exfoliants and it should always be worn to keep your skin safe. SPF can help with anti-aging which will keep you skin plump and young for years to come. 

2. Pampering Mask- Adding a mask into your weekly skin care routine is a great treat for your skin and your overall relaxation. Taking some time just for yourself can be a great stress reliever from wedding planning. Look for masks that hydrate and have vitamins to help you glow. 

2 Months Away

1. Facial Oils- Facial oils are great for keeping that glow and should be used at night to allow them to really sink into the skin. This will allow your face to wake up glow and hydrated. 

2. Lip Mask- Your lips are also an important feature that is highlighted on your wedding day. Keep those lips ready for the special kiss with a over night lip mask. You can also try and scrub to remove dead skin for extra smoothness. 

1 Month Away 

The Big day is almost here. It's time to keep up with your routines with sleep, hydration, and skin care. Your going to want to avoid incorporating a new skin care because you don't want to have a bad reaction. Focus on eating well and staying hydrated. 

1 Week Away

Help with any de-puffing without adding new creams but with a tool. Having a rose quartez roller to apply your serums and oils is great for a light facial message and getting the circulation going. It is a great little pamper that also helps de-puff your face. 

Day Of 

The day is finally here! Remember not to stress too much and drink water to keep you happy and hydrated. You are going to glow all day and night!

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