Now Trending: Hanging Installations

 Kick your wedding decor up a notch with this awesome trend! Hanging installations look absolutely amazing in every wedding venue. They can be tailored to your theme and personal style. Just what is a hanging installation? It is decor that hangs from up above typically over tables or even the dance floor. They can be as minimal or dramatic as you would like. Even minimal installations capture the attention of everyone. Let's take a look at some inspiration that might be the right fit for your wedding!


Streamers get a make over as a hanging installation decor. These are great for a pop of color for spring and summer weddings. They are minimalistic enough but still packed with a lot of flare. 


One of the most popular hanging installations are floral ones. It is easy to see why! They are the perfect romantic touch for every wedding. They look gorgeous coming down from the sky. Not only do they look amazing they are sure to smell heavenly. 

Light It Up

Give your lighting plan an update by having beautiful hanging chandeliers or lanterns. This type of installation is not only practical but looks wonderful. 


Using fabric to create this draping affect looks chic and elegant. Perfect for every wedding!

Going Retro

Go back into and do a little boogie with this installation. We love the fun look of disco balls floating in the air. If this fits your theme we say go for it. The shine will look amazing at night as you and your guests dance the night away. 

We hope you try out this wonderful trend! Let us know which was your favorite. 


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