Ways To Wear A Veil With Your Hairstyle

 Choosing the right hairstyle for you can take some time but once you have decided it's time to start thinking about how your going to incorporate your veil into it. In these modern days some brides choose not to use a veil but we have some tips for those that will say yes. Perhaps these can also persuade you if you are on the fence of wearing one. 

Let's take a look at all the amazing styles we have in store!

Low buns/ Chignons

This type of hairstyle are becoming more and more popular do to its formal look with a touch of fun. They can been as sleek and precise as you would like. They are an easy hairstyle to manage during the wedding. No need to fuss around with it. Now, how do you incorporate a veil with it? You can position the veil on the top of the hairstyle so that it flows out of it. You can also choose to tuck it underneath for a lower position. This can give the look of a longer veil if you would like that affect. 

Bird cage veils look amazing when paired with a chignon hairstyle. Bird cage veils have a vintage feel to them but look amazing even in modern day styles. This style is easy and not as fussy as a cathedral length veil. 

A variation length of veils work great for this hairstyle. It is also great because your hair will be pulled away from your face and allow you to show off some beautiful earrings. 

Long Hairstyles 

If you are looking for the effortless and romantic look then you will most likely choose hairstyle with loose curls and wear it down. This hairstyle also looks great with wedding veils but it can be a bit more tricky then up do's because the comb of the veil wont have anything to hook onto. You can choose to secure it with bobby pins or even add hair extensions to that it can clip on to that. 

If you happen to have lace appliques that cover where the comb of the veil is you can place it at the front of your towards your forehead for a different look. 

With this hairstyles you can choose to add barrettes or flowers to add more of a wow factor along side your veil. 

Half up Half Down Hairstyles

Half up hairstyles give a bit more support for your veils than just long hairstyles that are worn completely down. This hairstyle look great on long and short hair and works for long veil lengths. The veil should be worn at the bottom of the sectioned hair that is worn up. That way you can see there is half up hairstyle. 

Some brides also choose to accessorize with flowers on top of the veil for a boho feel. Pair that with loose waves and you've got an effortless look. 

High Updo's

High updo's look great for a polished style that will stay out of our face. They work great for summer weddings to keep you cool and collected. A classic bun is always a great go to but adding fun elements like braids can change up the look. Since this hairstyle is worn higher up the perfect position for your veil is to tuck it underneath the bun. 

Let some strands of hair out to frame the face for an extra touch. This works great if you also have bangs to highlight them. 

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