Must Have Fashion Items on Your Wedding day

 You may be thinking that the wedding dress will be the only thing that you should bring on your wedding day but there are so much more to have with you. It's great to make a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for the big day. Be sure to include these items so you are prepared and have a great wedding day. 

Let's get started!


Probably one of the most important if not not the most important part from your wedding day is undergarments. These undergarments might be different then your daily wear one's. Be sure to pack the ones you specifically packed for your wedding dress to change into. That can include shape wear and special bra that is not shown with the wedding dress. It's important to have this figured out before your wedding so that you are not only comfortable but have no issue with the wedding dress. 

Mini Emergency Kit 

Packing fashion tape and a few pins is a great idea to be prepared in any adjustments that might have to be made. It doesn't have to be anything extreme just a a few items to be there just incase something goes wrong. 


Morning Of Outfit 

Many brides choose matching getting ready outfits with their bridesmaids to have cute photos of you all. Don't forget to pack this. You may also bring some clippers or slides so you can easily take them off to slip into your wedding dress. 


Every bride has those finishing touches to their bridal look that are a must have. Whether it be your veil, earrings, or a modern bridal hat be sure to pack these items. Store them some wear safe like along with your wedding dress to make sure they aren't lost or tampered with by accident. 

Extra Shoes

You might have already worn your wedding shoes and think they will be comfortable all day but sometime all the dancing can take a tole on your feet. Packing your go to comfortable shoes will have your feet thanking you later. Don't worry too much about them showing your wedding dress will probably be long enough to cover them. 

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