Are Bridal Portraits Right For You?

 All this effort goes into finding the perfect dress, the dress you always envisioned your self in for your wedding so why wear it just for one day. Brides always say they wish they could wear their wedding dress more than once and that can be done with bridal portraits. 

Just what are bridal portraits you may ask?

Bridal Portraits are photos that are taken before they big day. Typically it can be months before hand and brides get the chance to wear their amazing dress to get photographed by themselves. The location is completely up to the brides choice and she gets to show off that amazing dress. 

So exactly what makes bridal portraits so special?

Bridal portraits are great because they give you this one on one time with your photographer to get comfortable in posing and working together. You get to learn which poses work best especially for showing off that beautiful dress. 

They also are able to reduce some of the stress of getting photos during the wedding. This is a big day to remember and of course your going to want to capture every moment. With photographing the wedding itself to getting individual shots of you and your partner there can be missed opportunities to capture the photos you want. 

Having bridal portraits allows for more flexibility and creativity. It is only you in the shot so you can come up with different concepts for the photos and add fun elements of your choosing. Bridal portraits are great to look back on and gives you the chance to capture so many more memories.

Keep this in mind!

A tip to remember about your bridal portraits goes back to your wedding dress. If you are planning on having bridal portraits done be sure to set a date or have an idea of a date so you know when you will need your wedding dress to arrive. Be sure to also take into account extra time for alterations. 

Have fun during your bridal portraits don't stress to much about getting that perfect angle. They should be an authentic representation of your wedding journey. Have good communication with your photographer of what you feel comfortable doing and if you know certain pictures you want be vocal about that. 

Although bridal portraits usually take place before the wedding it is totally okay to have some done after the wedding. Maybe you realized the wedding photos didn't capture enough pictures of the dress. You can choose to have a post wedding bridal portrait session. 

We hope this inspired you to book your bridal portraits and strike a pose. Let us know what you think of bridal portraits with some comments!

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