Must Have Vendors For Your Microwedding

 These up coming years Microweddings will be on the rise and we're excited about it. Having smaller more intimate  weddings has so many positive you might not even miss the large weddings. Microweddings do require different planning then a traditionally larger wedding. That also means it requires different vendors. Overall this will allow you to save money and time when it comes to your wedding.

So exactly what vendors does a microwedding require? There are some must have's and others that you don't really need unless your doing a larger scale wedding. 

1. Photographer

No matter how small or large your wedding may be a photographer is a must have. There are so many moments of the wedding you are going to want to capture. Who else could get that done then a professional photographer? The quality of the photos are sure to turn out incredible and they will be to capture moments you might have not thought of. It seems easy to get one of your family members to take photos but having a photographer allows your guest to enjoy the wedding.

2. Catering

This one is a must have right up there with photographer. Wether you are aiming for a multi course meal or something more laid back you will need a caterer. You might be thinking your wedding will be small and if you really need a caterer? The answer is yes! Although your wedding might not be a typical size it will be a big enough event to need a catering.

3. Floralist

Your wedding might not be overflowing with flower decor but that doesn't mean you won't need a florist. Florist will help with your bridal bouquet and any other decor your wedding may need. They are also there to help with the grooms boutonniere. So your wedding doesn't have to be extravagant for the help of a florist. 

4. Musician/DJ

What sets the tone for the wedding? Music of course. Just because it's a smaller wedding doesn't mean it isn't just as fun. This is something you can now invest in if you weren't sure of it before. Since you were able to save some money over a smaller wedding. 

These vendors will help you have an amazing microwedding. From the food to the atmosphere they are there to bring your vision to life. Remember to always show your appreciation for your vendors with a nice note or a gift after your wedding day as a thank you. 

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