Creative Florals To Wear On Your Wedding Day

 Florals are always such a beautiful display in weddings from the decor to the bridal bouquet that is used. Did you know there are so several way you can incorporate them into you bridal look too? We often see beautiful florals used as flower crowns when it comes to using them in a brides look but today we take a look at creative ways to use them.

These looks can be used to replace the bridal bouquet or add to it for a more statement look. 

Bigger & Bold Flower Crown

Take your flower crown to the next level with larger flowers and more extravagant displays. Let's take a look at some beautiful flower crowns that will be unforgettable. 

Shawl/Cape Wear

We're taking these floral from the hair down to bridal wear! Yes you heard that correctly, it's time to wear your beautiful flowers in a shawl or cape. It is a great addition to your wedding gown and is sure to make a statement. 

Replace Jewelry

Want to switch up your typical jewelry? Spice things up by replacing those diamonds with some charming florals. They can be worn as necklace and even bracelets. 

Floral Wedding Dress

Add beautiful florals to your dress! It is a great way to add something special to your wedding dress. 

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