4 Simple & Thoughtful Ways To Thank Your Wedding Venders

What would a wedding be without the wedding vendors. They are what pull everything together, besides from your vision and ideas. Wedding vendors help bring your dream to life. They are there to help you celebrate in style and make an unforgettable day. It can take months or even years to plan a wedding and along that journey you may form a close friendship with your wedding vendors. You may find yourself talking to them weekly. As the big day comes closer that weekly may turn into daily to finalize everything. 

Your vendors take so much time in perfecting your vision so taking time to thank them is always appreciated. Most vendors are very passionate about their work so showing them some love will not go unnoticed. We put together some thoughtful ideas to give a special thanks to the people who help make your special day everything you can could have dreamed of. 

A Classic Thank You Note

You can never go wrong with a hand written thank you note. This maybe a classic thing to do but it is always appreciated. Make sure to know the names of every vendor. It really makes a difference in appreciation. Don't be afraid to get personal it is sure to make it that much more special. 

Small Add On

If you still feel like the thank you note might not be enough you can always add a small gift along. It can be a small treat or even something a little bigger like a wine bottle. It is sure to bring a smile to their face and let them know how much their hard work meant to you. 

Shout Them Out

Help bring in more business to them by tagging them and shouting them out on all of your social media posts. This will be a great reference for someone else in search of the perfect wedding vendors. 

Leaving Reviews

A simple review can go a long way! It is great for your vendors to attract more business and also a great way to let them know how much you appreciated their hard work. You can choose to leave a review on their facebook page, website, or yelp. 


These are all great ways to show your appreciation and you can't go wrong with which ever option you choose. Be sure to follow us on our link below for more wedding inspiration. 

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