Wedding Trends: Cottagecore Theme

 A theme that has been circulating this year for fashion and seen all over social media is the cottagecore theme. Embrace your inner countrysider with the theme that will become big in weddings in the year to come. Now you might be asking yourself just what is cottagecore? When you think of cottagecore you think of peasant tops and natural feminine look. It is inspired by english countryside style. It is like a romantic look in tune with nature. 

So why should you choose a cottagecore theme? This look is so enchanting and ethereal perfect for the bride that wants something new but vintage at the same time. Cottagecore creates a cozy and intimate mood to any wedding. This works perfect for those having a smaller wedding. Cottagecore also embraces sustainability and community which is just what every wedding needs. 

Elements to include in your cottagecore wedding are earth tones. A lot of warm neutral colors. Use nature as your color palette. You will also want to incorporate a florals and greens in your wedding decor. Not only live flowers but those that have been dried down will also look amazing. 

For your bridal look you are going to want a dress with a structured bodice and a flowy skirt. You can also go for a ballon sleeve. An off the shoulder neckline would also look great with this style. As for accessories adding a bridal hat would complete the look. To be more specific a wide brimmed straw hat. You can also use dry flowers to add to braided hairstyles. Your makeup should be kept light and your hair a soft curl or wave. 

You can also choose to amp up your wedding cake with edible flowers. They dress up a traditional white cake and go perfectly with the theme. If your unsure about the florals, berries would also look great and taste amazing. This ties in the nature overall theme. 

Overall the cottagecore theme reflects the easy going slow essence of countryside living. Things are fresh, natural, and calm. Let us know what you think of this theme with a comment. 

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