How to Feel Comfortable For Your Wedding Photos

 Wedding photographers are such a must have at your wedding. There are so many beautiful memories that you will want to capture and look back on. This is why you need a photographer at your wedding. However shooting with a photographer can sometime feel a bit awkward and that can translate on film. Most people are not used to having their photo taken professionally and can get camera shy.  But no need to worry because we have some tips to help you feel more comfortable so that your photos will turn out amazing. 

Tip #1 Set Up A Meeting

Choosing the right photographer is very important. It is not only about how you like their work but also about how they work. How do you feel with the way they shoot and their personality overall. It is great to ask to set up a meeting to get to know each other first. This can be done in person or even a video call. This is a great option if they are located further away. Finding a photographer that with a personality you like will help you feel more comfortable when working together. 

Tip #2 Build A Schedule & Photo List

The day of your wedding is going to be full of excitement but also a lot going on. Be sure to sit down with your photographer and go over a schedule of when you will have time to take photos. What time certain things will be happening in your wedding so they are prepared. You should also talk about certain shots you know you want to have. You two can collaborate on brainstorming ideas. Tell them your vision and they will work to achieve that. This also lets you have control over some of the photos that will be taken allowing you to feel more comfortable having a plan.

Tip #3 Have An Engagement Shoot/ Bridal Portraits 

Give you and your photographer a test run before the big day with an engagement shoot or even bridal portraits. This will allow you two to work together and get comfortable with each other before the big day. With the engagement shoot is it not only great for you and the photographer to work together but also your partner. Your photographer can see what poses work with for the two of you. If you aren't going to do a engagement shoot perhaps bridal portraits. They are great for getting to wear your beautiful gown more than once. It also allows you to get more shots in it since your wedding day might not allow you to get in as many as you would like. 

Tip #4  Scout Locations Together

Taking your photographer to your venue to scout locations is a great idea! This also goes hand in hand with setting up a schedule. You two can do a walk through of your venue and decide which locations would make for great photos. 

Tip #5 Don't Over Think It

At the end of the day if you pick a photographer you like then the photos are sure to come out amazing. Don't over think the posing too much and do what you feel comfortable with. Listen to any direction you might be given and speak out against certain poses if you don't feel comfortable in it. Try to relax and even practice posing in front of a mirror a home just to get a bit more used to it. 

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