How to Incorporate Pantones 2021 Color Of The Year In Your Wedding

 Each year in the month of December Pantone announces the color of the year. This color is chosen according to trends and what is going on in our culture in that year. It is a forecast for the color that will be popular. This year is a bit different. There is not one but two colors that have been announced. For the year 2021 we have illuminating, which is bright yellow and ultimate gray. 

The two very different colors reflect the climate of our current time. It is said to reflect the "unprecedented time that led up to this moment". It also shows the worlds unity during this time. So it was fitting to pick to colors instead of one. Illuminating yellow shines brightness onto the world while ultimate grey represents resilience and stability. 

These colors have been seen on the fashion runways so they are sure to taking weddings by storm. Here are some ways you can use these amazing colors in your up coming 2021 wedding. 

Illuminating Yellow 

Brighten up your very special day with a beautiful illuminating yellow. From your florals to even matching sneakers with your partner. There are endless possibilities to showcase this amazing color. 

Keep it comfy and cool with matching yellow sneakers. Gives a happy pop to your wedding. It also ties in the pops of yellow in the bouquet. 

Accent chairs are a unique way to incorporate this color. Typically we see white chairs but these bright and fresh chairs are sure to illuminate the room.

Set the tone of the wedding with gorgeous yellow invitations. You can choose to use yellow envelopes or the invitation it's self.

Let your bridesmaids shine on your wedding day with yellow dresses. 

Ultimate Gray 

This color brings in serenity and to your wedding. It can be incorporated in an industrial way, in which is also show the stability the color represents. 

Ditch the traditional white wedding cake. We adore this gray color. It adds a modern look to any wedding.

Simple grey table setting is perfect for that clean and crisp look. 

Help your guest find their table with the stylish seating chart. 

Your partner is sure to look dapper in a grey suit. 

Let us know what you think of these two colors. We would love to hear you opinions about what these colors represent and if you would use them in your wedding. 


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