Top 7 Items Not To Wear To A Wedding

 Choosing the right outfit for a wedding can be a bit tricky. There seems to be some unspoken code of ethics when it comes to what is acceptable and what is not. Well we are here to speak about it! You of course want to adhere to the desired dress code but with that in mind what are somethings that are not acceptable? There are so much to take into consideration when choosing the perfect outfit. Think of the dress code, stay true to your style, don't outshine the bride and so much more. 

Today we will be taking a dive into what you should avoid wearing to a wedding to not only look your best but also to avoid some awkward stairs and be that type of wedding guest. 

Avoid Something Too Sex

Keep in mind you are going to a wedding where it might be in a place of worship. Wearing something too revealing can be seen as disrespectful. If you think your attire shows a little too much skin you an choose to throw over a simple shall to cover up. Avoid shopping for dresses or anything that would look good in a club. That is not the look you want to be going for. Be sure to try on the item before purchasing to see where the neckline, hem, and back lay when being worn. 

Avoid Matching With Bridesmaids

We think this is often over looked when considering what to wear. It can also be trick because most likely you won't know what color they will be rocking unless you are close to the bride. You don't want to look like your part of the bridal party if you are not. It may come across as you being upset for not being in it. 

Avoid Wearing Denim

Even if the dress code calls for casual attire, it is a good rule of thumb to avoid wearing jeans. There are so many options are just as comfortable and casual with out looking casual. 

Avoid Distressed Clothing 

This kind of goes hand in hand with denim and jean rule. Please don't wear distressed denim or shirts with any distressing. We know it is trendy but thats for street wear and not weddings. 

Avoid Out Shinning The Bride

This day is all about the bride and groom. It's easy to not outshine the bride if you keep your sparkle and sequins attire to a minimal. You might also steer clear from colors being to loud and bold like red. This color is very eye catching and some brides aren't too fond of it. If you want to still rock a red try a muted burgundy color that also works well with fall/winter weddings. 

Avoid Dressed Down Shoes

It's time to leave the sneakers and flip flops at home. You of course want to be comfortable in the shoes you wear to dance the night away but avoid looking too dressed down. A good option would be a dressy flat or low heeled boots. 

Avoid Wearing White (At All Cost)

This one is obvious but we thought we would throw it in there just incase. Please do not wear white to a wedding. This has been a rule of thumb for what seems like ages. Be sure to avoid an off white color as well. If it looks white to you it probably be mistaken for white by someone else. 

We hope these tips can help you pick out the perfect outfit for a day of love and fun. If you still seem a little lost on the required dress code don't be afraid to ask the bride just for clarification. In the end she will be happy to help and have you dressed appropriately. 

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