How To Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring

 Now that you've got that sparkler on your finger it's important to take proper care of it. It goes without saying that your engagement ring is a delicate and extremely important to you. That is why keeping it in tip top shape is important. Taking the proper steps can insure that your ring stays shiny and like new for years to come. 

We're here to give you a few tips on how to care for your lovely ring. Let's take a look on what you can do to preserve all of its sparkle and shine. 

Remove Ring During Hands On Activities

This may seem like a common sense thing but sometimes it's easy to forget to consider your ring when doing hand on work. Cooking, cleaning, and doing dishes should be done without the engagement ring. Harsh chemicals from cleaning can do harm on your ring and you wont want to get bits of food staining your sparkle. 

Schedule Maintenance With Jeweler

Taking your engagement ring for a "check up" with your jeweler is a great idea to make sure everything is looking good. You can try to aim for a few times a year but at the very least once a year. They can check to see if the prong holding the stone are good and if there are any small cracks. 

Keep Your Ring Clean

Having a clean ring is important for it's look and longevity of that look but you might want to avoid doing it yourself. You don't want to accidentally harm your ring so taking it to get cleaned professionally is the way to go. 

Avoid Taking Off The Ring In Public

A common instinct is to remove rings when washing your hands. You might want to avoid doing that in public. The reason for that is you might end up forgetting the ring at the sink. 

Leave Ring Dishes Around Your House

Your house is a safe space for your ring but take an extra step to keep it safe when you do remove it. Setting up ring dishes around spaces in your house that are common to remove rings is a great way to keep track of it. You might want to add some on your nightstand, bathroom sink, kitchen sink, and even coffee table. 

Have It Insured 

You never know what is going to happen so having insurance on your ring will help incase of it being stolen, lost, or damaged. In order to keep the accurate value of the ring it is important to get have it appraised every couple of years so in case it does have to be replaced the insurance will have the correct value of the ring. 


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