How To Keep Guests Warm During A Winter Wedding

 Winter weddings can be magical with snow all around and a festive feeling in the air. One concern you may face is keeping your guests warm. This is especially true if you are thinking about having an outdoor wedding. It may be easier to keep warm inside but your guests might still get cold. No need to worry because we've put together some ideas to keep you and your guests nice and toasty. 

Renting A Tent

If you are going to have an outdoor wedding you might have already considered renting a tent. We say go for it. A tent is great for keeping the winter weather elements out. Make sure your tent is covered all around and not just a roof above. This will help keep the winter wind out and warmth in. Not only that but it can also keep out any rain or snow that might occur. 

Serving Warm Drinks

Having hot drinks available for guests is also a great idea to help them keep warm. You could go have a fun hot chocolate bar. They can serve themselves when needing something warm and add toppings to it like whipped cream and marshmallows. You can also ask your bartender for some spiked hot drinks. Perhaps some hot cider. These drinks are fun to enjoy while helping keep the cold at bay. 

Having Comfort Food

Comfort food is not only delicious but perfect for warming you up. Think of hearty food like mac and cheese, chowder, and potatoes. These hot foods give a nice cozy affect to the feel of your wedding. They are also classics everyone loves. 

Fire Pits

Setting up fire pits are great little cozy areas guests can gather to keep warm. They are also great for guests to mingle and meet new people. You can even have some s'more available for a fun activity. 

Heat Lamps 

If fire pits aren't your route you can use heat lamps. These are great for having in closed spaces and outdoors. They help warm up the space and are easy to move around incase you have to. 

Offer Blankets

This one is an easy and common thing to have during winter weddings. You can never go wrong with having blankets available. Choose those that coordinate with your overall theme and colors of your wedding. 

Lastly, Set Their Expectations

Be sure to let your guests know what they should expect at your wedding. If it will be outdoors or inside so that they may prepare their attire to best fit the climate. You can also include what the average climate is like in the location of your venue of when your wedding date is. 

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