Winter Wedding Favors

 A beautiful reminder of your wedding are wedding favors. But what exactly should you give your guests to help them never forget your big day? No need to worry we have the perfect winter wedding favors that your guests will love. It's time to get creative and give them something they will adore. 

Here are some of our favorite winter wedding favors!


If your wedding is around Christmas we suggest give out ornament favors. These are a cute way to yearly remind your guests of the big day. They can be personalized with the date and your name's on it or you can get even add a special touch in it like hot chocolate kit. There are many ways to have this favor be unique to you and your wedding. 

Bundle Up 

Keep your loved one's warm even after your wedding with winter must haves. Gloves and mittens are a great idea if you live where the winter conditions get really cold. These are practical gifts that they will definitely get use out of. You can also do a personalized blanket with your name and wedding date on it. Or even beanies. All great choices to help them get through those cold winter days. 

New Years Eve

What better way to start the new year then saying I Do to your true love. Help your guests not only celebrate your wedding day but the start of the new year with a mini champagne bottle. Have it decked out with glitter for that sparkle of the new year. 

Hot Chocolate Bombs

This years trend that has been seen all over the internet are hot chocolate bombs. Who doesn't like a nice cup of hot chocolate on a winters day. You can have them custom with what ever you would like on them. From sayings to graphics. The outside chocolate holds the hot chocolate powder inside with marshmallow. Simply poor hot milk over it and watch it dissolve into the perfect cup of hot chocolate. 

Staying Healthy

With winter days come winter colds and we aren't talking about the temperatures. Help your guests keep their immunity healthy by providing some health boosting wedding favors. Adding things like hand sanitizers and packets of immune boosting teas can help keep them healthy and happy. 

Morning Cup Of Joe

Start their morning off right with a mug to hold their morning coffee. A friendly reminder of the delightful day with every sip. 

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