I t ' s   S  h  o  w    T  i  m  e              

Debuting our Fall 2019 Bridal Gown Collections in 
National Bridal Market - Chicago,USA, March 2019

There are two major seasons for the bridal industry and they are Spring and Fall.  It sure is a joyous occasion when the bridal industry kick off each new season with bridal markets in major metropolitan cities, such as Chicago, Atlanta and New York, etc. 
These markets are the first presentations of latest styles in bridal fashion, so it's a much anticipated event and exciting time for all those attending. Buyers and owners of bridal boutiques are the main attendees and with their selections, brides-to-be will soon be seeing the latest in bridal fashion in their local boutiques. 

During these bridal markets we not only debut our latest collections in gowns and accessories, we also showcase best sellers, so you'll be sure to be a part of the forefront of bridal fashion. 




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