Which Wedding Dress Is the One?

Silhouette Guide: Which Dress is Most Flattering?

So you said yes to the love of your life and now its time to start planning the perfect wedding. Finding the right dress can be one of the most stressful things a bride has to endure during this time. There are so many factors to take into consideration, which color do I want? which fabric? which silhouette? which neckline?! Well take a deep breathe because today we're covering one of those items to narrow down your search and perhaps make choosing a wedding dress much simpler.

Certain body types are said to be flattered by certain silhouettes and that's exactly what we are going to go over. First lets start off with the different body types we will discuss. This includes: Hourglass, Petite, Apple, Pear, Tall and Thin, and Full Figure.

Hour Glass

For this figure its all about accentuating the smallest point, which in this case would be your waist. You might want to try something that will synch you in at the waist to really show off that figure. A body hugging mermaid/ trumpet style dress will accentuate all your curves and define that hour glass shape. An A-line silhouette will also allow your feminine shape to shine through. Lastly you might want to try out a sheath silhouette which sits close to the body and will highlight your figure. 



For a smaller frame we would recommend trying out A line and sheath silhouettes as well. The reason these silhouettes work well for this body type is because it is not going to drown your figure in fabric. The long and narrow lines of a sheath silhouette is sure to elongate your smaller frame. 

Apple Shape

Up next we have the apple shape. And no it is not the shape of your favorite electronic device we're talking about. If you have an apple body shape it means you hold most of your weight in your mid section. We recommend you try A-line and ball gown silhouettes. 

Pear Shape

Having a pear shape means you have a fuller lower half of the body and a smaller top half. The silhouette that will be most flattering for this body shape will be ball gown and A-line. These silhouettes don't fit tight to the body and will let not draw attention to your fuller lower half. 

Tall and Thin

Most silhouettes would work well with this type of body shape but we recommend: sheath, mermaid/trumpet, and ball gown. A sheath style will accentuate your tall and lean figure. Your height allows you to wear dresses with more fabric and fuller styles like a ball gown because it will not drown you out.   

Full Figure

You've got all the curves! and so you will need a silhouette that will flatter that. By nature an A-line silhouette will look flattering  for this figure. You can also try out a mermaid/trumpet style gown. 

So now that we've gone over these four silhouettes perhaps you will have more of an idea of what to look for when shopping for the perfect dress. Take into consideration that these are suggestions and you should wear a dress you feel most comfortable and confidant in. It is your special day after all! Happy shopping! 


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