Wedding Venue Guide

One of the joys and sometimes the most stressful things of planning a wedding would be choosing where exactly to have the wedding. There are so many things to take into consideration... Cost, location, capacity, availability, etc. etc. Where do you see your dream wedding as? Are you having an exotic destination wedding, a intimate backyard wedding?  Will it be at an indoor venue, an outdoor venue, or a little bit of both? No matter what you prefer, we are here to help you out a bit and put a smile back on your face;)

The following are our list of some things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect venue:


Before you start fantasizing about elaborate venues and get caught up in looking for dream venues, it is good to sit down together and determine how much of your wedding budget will be going into the venue. This will help you determine which venues will be in your reach. Things to take into account for the budget is not only the price of renting out a space, but also think about catering and what food that might be available to you, like in a hotel setting. Hotels may offer their own catering plan that should be taken into account.
Also think about how much it would cost to decorate the place. Knowing your budget for each portion for your wedding will help you decide what type of venue fits into your budget.


Know how many people will be attending the wedding. Having this number down will of course make choosing a venue easier. This is an important factor as some places charge on how many people will attend. If you have a large number of guest you would want a venue with a bigger capacity. A small number of attendees you might even opt for a backyard wedding. When coming up with a number of guests, also think about who your parents may want to add or how many people you are allowing other guests to bring. This will definitely help in determining which venue is right for you. 


This maybe a simple idea, but choosing a venue that fits with what you envision or one that fits with your theme takes time, so give your self adequate time to visit places, say one year in advance is good.  If you are planning a modern weddings look into venues like art galleries or hotels with that same aesthetic. Or perhaps you want a more natural and relaxed theme wedding, then choosing an outdoor wedding would be best or a barn style wedding perhaps. 


If you happen to have a wedding planner, do consult them first before actually looking at venues. Your wedding planner is there to help you of course plan your wedding. If you see a venue you love but aren't sure how it will play out with your vision, they are the ones that are able to paint out the picture on how to transform a space.


A very important thing to also think about and have set is when your wedding date will be. Say you see a venue that checked off all the things you are looking for without knowing your wedding date, you will then be swayed to the availability of the venue rather a date set by you. But at the same time, being flexible can be profitable. If you have a flexible wedding date you might be able to save a few dollars by choosing a time when most people aren't trying to get married in, perhaps having a winter wedding? You might also choose a day of the week which is less popular, like on a Friday or Sunday. Not only will this be useful for the venue planning, but for other vendors like the florists, wedding planner, and catering.


Good rule of thumb is don't be set on just one venue. Sure you may be head over heels for the ocean view of one place, it is good to keep an open mind about other venues as well. It is good to have a backup in case the one you were hoping for is booked or it some how won't fit within your budget or your ever expanding guest list. Think about how a venue could also be transformed to fit what you have in mind. Having options allow you to leverage venues so to get the best deals from them. Try and have at least three venues in which you can weigh out your options and create a list of pros and cons of those three venues.

No matter if you're teaming with a wedding consultant or doing it all by yourself, it's important to allow enough time to make decisions, be open to suggestions and flexible in this time of great joy and anticipation.


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