The Bridal Shower of A Life Time

Throwing a bridal shower is a fun and exciting celebration before the big day. Spending some quality time with some of your best friends and family will help everyone bond and destress together. 
You might be thinking a lot of money has to go into throwing a  bridal shower but that doesn't have to be the case. It is easy to DIY items for a low cost. We have gathered some great bridal shower ideas that are sure to be a blast for you and your dear friends.


First up on the agenda is food. What will the guests eat? What you serve will depend on what time the bridal shower will be. Dinner party? or Brunch? Brunch has become more and more popular over time and gives you more food options to choose from. 

Build your own food stations are a great option to consider. This ensures people get to eat exactly what they want and cuts down on cooking time. Consider a Waffle Bar where guests choose their own toppings and design their personal waffles.

Everyone loves a good burger. Serving sliders as appose to regular burgers will leave room for other snacks. This meal is also easily made vegetarian or gluten free for those who have diet sensitivities.  

Donuts are all the rage at the moment. This donut wall is an easy DIY and serves as a cute decoration. Decorations that are edible? Yes please!


What would brunch be with out mimosas? Setting up a mimosa bar is creative and gives the guests opportunities to be crafty and mix their own flavors. Set up different juices and fruit to top their dinks.  

Stop and smell the Rose with this lovely set up. Displaying drinks like this is cute and allows guests to grab their own when ever they please.

Perhaps alcohol isn't for you, no worries here is an alternative. A coffee bar is great at a brunch party and will perk guests right up. For those caffeine sensitive consider decaf options as well as milk alternatives. Oat Milk is very popular for its creamy consistency which makes it perfect for lattes. 


Bridal shower decorations can be easily made by hand and don't need to be expensive. Here are some low cost but pretty decorations to consider.  

A welcome sign not only lets guests know they have arrived at the bridal shower but also serves as an easy way to display the days left until the wedding. All you need is a blackboard and some chalk. 

Not only is this flower wall a pretty decoration but also works as a photo back drop. Adding props for guests to use only enhances the photo experience. 

Balloons aren't just for children. They can be turned into affordable and beautiful decorations. Balloon garland and arches are perfect to bring something extra to any celebration and look great from all angels.   


What would a bridal shower be with out some friendly competition. Games at a bridal shower are not only a great way to have fun but also a great bonding experience. Having prizes for winners is also a good motivator for people to play. 

Who Got The Groom? is a fun and easy game to play. Fill the tuxes with celebrities and anyone who isn't the groom expect for one of them. When guests first arrive hand them an envelope with one of the selected tuxes but only let them open it when designated to. The person with the groom wins. It is always a laugh to see who people got! 

Bridal Jeopardy is the ultimate trivia game. Get creative with the categories and questions you choose to add. 

Try and guess the age of the bride in this easy DIY game. 


Here are some simple items that can be added to the bridal shower as a reminder of the great times shared. 

Party favors are a great way to say thank you for coming and can't wait to see you at the wedding! They can be simple things that don't need to break the bank. 

Memorabilia is great for guests to shower the bride with love and keep as memories of the lovely day. 

These recipes for a good marriage is a great way to hear some advice from the people you care for the most. 

Friends and family can leave ideas for date nights for when you want spice things up. 

Take this time to help with wedding planning itself. Set up a station where guest can write down their address for wedding invitations. This will save you time in the future and help with stress when it comes down to wedding planning

A bridal shower is a great way to spend time with the people you love and to kickstart the wonderful journey towards the wedding. 
We hope these ideas will help put together a bridal shower full of joy and laughter. 

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