Wedding Planning - Counting Down to a Total...

To Do List for 
Wedding Planning

Three Months

Self care is ever so important now. Get monthly to bi-monthly facials and if budget allows, full body massages.  These professionals will help you maintain glowing skin and relax frame of mind and body. 

Continue to eat healthy with a well rounded diet.  Maintain a consistent exercise routine. As you know exercise is also good for the mind and soul, keep it up and your mood and skin will thank you for it. 

1 Month

It's very tempting to get that boost in your skin care routine, but now is not the time to try out new products. You just might be allergic to that delicious smelling lotion or have a bad break out by the magical facial cream.  Keep to old tried and trues for these last few weeks. 


Enjoy your time out with friends. Social gatherings not only elevate our mood, it'll keeps us grounded and calm. And it's a great time to go over some last minute wedding planning with your besties.  

2 Weeks

Time to get touch ups to any highlights and roots and no drastic change to your hair color and length.  Finalize your wedding day look with the make up artist and hair stylist.  

And make sure to set aside time for the two of you. It doesn't need to be fancy meals, just good communication and a time to relax is all you need.  

Few Days Before...

Time is of the essence now, but don't forget to get manicures and pedicures to look fresh and stylish. 
Confirm arrangements and deliveries with vendors.
Arrange final rehearsal time and small gathering of close family members.

Fiore Couture is honored and proud to be a part of your wedding. 
All our best to a wonderful dream day and forever more...

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