How to Incorporate Your Adorable Pet in Your Wedding


Recently we have noticed more and more beloved pets and animals being involved in wedding celebrations and of course we see why that is. Pets are part of our families and without a doubt, we want all of our family to be there when tying the knot.

Whether they are present at the reception, ceremony, or maybe there to announce the big day. Today we will be talking about prefect ways to incorporate your lovable pooch or friendly feline friend on your big celebration.

Your good boy can be incorporated in your date announcement for the wedding. It makes a cute and fun photo that is sure to have everyone swooning. They would also be perfect for greeting guests when they arrive. If the first thing you see is a pup at the entrance you know it's going to be a great day.


Turn mans best friend to Best Man front and center at the ceremony.


Another popular way to incorporate your lovable pooch is taking place as the flower girl or ring bearer. 

Maybe it's best they don't walk down the isle by themselves. No worries, they make a great match accompanying the flower child and ring bear. 

Have them be a part of the getting ready process. This will also help you with any pre-ceremony jitters. Dogs after all are great for calming people down.


Can't have your beloved pet at the actual wedding? No worries, there are still ways to incorporate them without having them physically present. Here are some creative ways to consider:

Have them illustrated on the wedding invitations and on your stationary in the reception.

Get creative and name drinks after them. 

Also consider adding them to your delicious cake. It is a fun twist on the traditional cakes. 

Regardless on how you choose to have your lovable pooch as a part of your wedding day. We hope these ideas will inspire you and spark ideas to incorporate more fur-ever love into your big day. 

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