These Shoes Are Made For Walking... Down the Isle

So you're thinking to yourself  "I've found the perfect dress!", but now what shoes are you planning on wearing? Well, no need to worry, because today we will be discussing styles, colors, and comfort wear for your big day. So sit back and kick your feet up :)

Footwear Is SOOOO Important

Some brides may think ,well my dress is long and will cover my feet, who cares what I wear?!

Well that's where we come in... Shoes are just as important as the dress you wear. Like your dress, you want to feel comfortable and confident in your shoes. If you're thinking of wearing heels, but they are not something you wear everyday, may we suggest you practice walking in heels a couple months in advance. It is indeed a big decision in choosing the perfect footwear because they will walk you down the isle and they will dance the night away with you, so of course they are very important.

It is also suggested to have your shoes picked out before your dress fitting. The reason for this is to be able to accurately adjust the length of your wedding dress. Maybe the dress seems long at first, but if you're wearing your heels on fitting day, it may actually be the perfect fit. Being organized and prepared can surely save yourself time, money, as well as heartache of not getting the perfect dress.

Styles To Choose From

The Classic Heel

Maybe you're a pro at wearing heels and this is no problem to you. If so, you still might want to think twice about debuting a 6 inch stiletto. Take into account what your venue is like. Will these shoes be suitable for it? Also think about the fact that you will be doing a lot of standing and walking.

Consider choosing a thicker heel, this will remove some of the strain from the ball of your foot. A small heel will of course be less straining, but if you don't want to sacrifice height, you might want to consider a platform heel. This will bring the back and front of the foot to a more leveled and so your 4 inch heel will feel more like a 2 inch heel. 

Another tip for wearing heels is to get proper insoles. These days there are many to choose from, including jell, foam, some that cover the entire bottom and those that are only meant for the ball of your foot or the heel.

Strapped Heels

Straps on heels are always more comfortable than those without them. Straps secure your foot so there is no need to worry about it slipping off. That is one less thing to worry about on your big day. Straps also also add a pretty design to the shoe and to your overall look.

The ballet Flat

Take your everyday flats and give them a new look. From running errands, to your wedding day they are a great choice for all day comfort. Perhaps flats seem like your safe option. Just take into account there are a limited selection of formal flats to choose from. 

Flats are considered casual, but still can have a touch of glam and sleekness to them. The ballet flat has a big comfort factor for your wedding day.

Which brings us to our next option.

The Glam Sneaker

I know what you're thinking, "Sneakers? on my wedding day?!" and the answer is YES!

This is definitely the most comfortable option of all. Although flats can be more comfortable than heels, they still lack the support that sneakers are sure to give you. Sneakers also have a limited selection of wedding shoes to choose from, so keep this in mind when weighing out your options.

Some brands have some pretty glittery and lacey options that are sure to compliment your stunning gown. If you're worried about wearing sneakers on your wedding day, think about using them later on in the day. You can have heels on during half of the day and then dance the night away in some cute sneakers.

Sandals/ Wedges

Sandals are not only comfortable and stylish, they make perfect sense to wear them to your beach wedding. These aren't your average flip flops, these sandals are made to compliment your wedding look. Embellished with pretty gems or maybe some straps for added design. Which ever it maybe, they will definitely compliment your relaxed wedding vibe look.

Wedges are a good option if you're looking for height, as well as comfort. The wedge heel are easier to walk in than regular heels. The wedge design distributes the weight on your feet more proportionate so it's not just concentrated on the ball and heel of the foot.

Colors to Consider

The classic white, ivory, and cream shoe are wedding standards and you cannot go wrong with it. If you're concerned about these colors being boring, there are dozens of design elements to spice up the look; everything from bows to pretty gems.

Other colors to consider are metallic, this can be seen as a twist on a neutral color. Take this look over the top with some added sparkle and shine.

Pastels are a subtle way of incorporating color without being too daring. This includes soft pinks and light blues.

Regardless what shoes you pick, do try to keep theses tips in mind for all day comfort.

-Remember to break in your shoes prior to the big day. This will allow them to mold to your feet and thus feel more comfortable. Just be careful not to scuff or dirty them.

-Use insoles, the extra cushion will have you feeling like you're walking on a cloud, well, kind of.

-If you plan on wearing heels because you realize beauty is sacrificing comfort, then think about having an extra pair of shoes to switch into.

-When it comes to close toe shoes, opt for a round toe oppose to a pointed one. This will avoid pinching of your toes.

We hope these tips help you in picking the right shoe. Now Happy Shopping! 


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