Are You Too Stressed Over Your Wedding?

Planning a wedding is almost like a full time job that you have to take on top of everything else you have going on. So how do you know if you need to take a step back from wedding planning? We are here to let you know. If you notice these things happening it's time to take a break and relax.

Taking Over Your Life

If you find yourself putting things you enjoy doing in your day to day life on the back burner, this might be a sign you are stressed. It's important to remember that wedding planning needs to fit into your life not the other way around. If you're skipping spending time with loved ones, exercising, and just doing things for you it's time for a break. 

Trying To Do It All

Even if you don't have a wedding planner, know that it doesn't all have to fall back on you. That is why you have your partner and your bridal party. Trying to do it all on your own is a recipe for disaster. Focus on things that excite you the most for wedding planning. You can hire someone else for the other things or even get help from friends. This will help you enjoy the journey of planning a wedding. 

Feeling Under The Weather

Did you know that stress isn't just a mental thing but can also cause physical reactions. This can include headaches, muscle pain, low energy and many more. Pay attention to these signs. It is your body telling you hold on and relax. Listen to your body and give it the pampering it deserves. 

Arguing With Partner

Perhaps when on this planning journey you've noticed you and your partner arguing more than normal. This is your sign to re-evaluate what wedding planning is doing to your relationship. It normal to experience this when you are under a lot of pressure. Talk about how you've been feeling. Let each other know you aren't alone in this process. You can also take some time for date nights to take off the pressure of wedding planning. 

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