How To Rock The Mismatch Bridesmaids Look

 Mismatched wedding dresses are taking over and with good reason. In these modern times it's great to see a switch in the traditional styling of bridesmaids. Everyone has a different body shape, budget, and unique style. Having a mismatched look takes that into consideration. It lets every person shine on their own. Not only does it help your bridesmaids but it also takes pressure off of you. With mismatch style there is no need to find the perfect dress that will look good on everyone. 

Today we are here to help you nail this look for your bride tribe. Let's get started!

Pick A Vibe

Every person can have their own style but it is still important to think about your overall theme. If your going for a boho theme you aren't going to want your bridesmaids in black tie attire.  So it is important to set this mood so that everyone is on the right page. 

Be Specific

If you are looking to avoid certain fabrics or sticking to the same length it's good to express that. Sticking to a certain dress length will create a more in sync look. It you want to go with no patterns that should also be expressed. Patterns can sometime clash with each other and throw off the overall look. 

Color Theme

Let your girls know if you want a color theme or stick to one color. We love the look of matching colors that complement each other. It would be a great idea to present a mood board with come color swatches of what you have envisioned. 

Always Have Examples

Help get the ideas across even better by sending examples to your girls. There's no better way to help nail this look then having the right inspiration. Be sure to check out instagram for real brides to see how they pulled off this fun and modern look.

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