What is A Charity Wedding Registry?

In this modern day more and more couples are shying away from the traditional wedding registry. Now there are new and amazing options to have. If you are finding yourself not really needing gifts or just wanting to do something different we invite you to explore the idea of a charity wedding registry. 

A charity wedding registry is where couples ask their guests to donate to a chosen charity instead of receiving gifts. This idea is such an amazing thing that can be used to give back. If you and your partner realize you guys already have those newlywed items then a charity donation can be the perfect option. 

Starting off your marriage with an act of kindness is such a positive way to start this new chapter. It puts out those good vibes that is sure to gives back that happy feeling not only from your marriage but this nice gesture. 

If you still have an eye on certain kitchen appliances or another must have newlywed item you can opt go for both gift an charity registry. Giving your guests options is great. They are sure to really appreciate it. They can even choose both, it’s all up to them. 

In order to find the perfect charity it’s good to discuss with your partner. Some people might already have one in mind that is near and dear to their heart. It can be a local charity to support your community or one to honor some one. Having these discussions will land you in the right direction. 

We hope this was able to give you a different look into wedding registries. It’s always great to have different options to make your wedding more personal and that much more special. Is a charity registry something you would do? Let us know with a comment!

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