Tips For Choosing The Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Venue

 Your rehearsal dinner is one of the more important celebration before the actual wedding. It is a time where your friends and family come together to anticipate the big day. This event usually take place after the ceremony rehearsal. It is a great time to spend with any guests that might be coming in from out of town. 

So where should you be hosting this event? That’s what we are here to help with.  We hope these tips will guide to into the perfect venue. 

Let’s Talk Money

It’s important to always have a budget to know just what your working with. Traditionally the grooms parents host this event but in this modern day more couples are financing their own rehearsal dinner. So it’s great to discuss who is going to pay and how much of course. Be sure to include the cost of food and drinks into your budget. 

What is the Theme?

Now that you have a budget think about what theme you want to have. How casual or upscale are you wanting to go? You might want to look at your wedding theme for inspiration something that will compliment it. Or you might want to think about the food you want to have and plan it off of that. 

Think About Your Guest List

Some couples choose to just include that people involved in the wedding like the wedding party and parents. If you want to include more of your guests and make it almost like a welcome party you can do that too. This will tell you the size of venue you are going to need. 

Choose Your Fave Food

The kind of food you want not only influences the theme but the overall location of the dinner. Couples tend to pick something special like what they had on the first date. This is a great thing to keep in mind when choosing the perfect location. It makes it possible for you to share that personal touch with your guests. 

We hope these tips will help you find that perfect venue for your rehearsal dinner and just remember it is all about spending time with loved ones. 

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