Tips For An Amazing Summer Wedding

 Summer almost goes hand in hand with weddings. It is often seen as the peak wedding season. With it's warm weather and sunny skies it's easy to see why couples love this time of the year. We often see beautiful bright colors and fresh farm to table food. Today we are here to help you plan the ultimate summer wedding. We hope these tips will help you achieve the summer wedding of your dreams. 

Get Started ASAP 

Now you don't have to start planning the second you become engaged but it is important to start early. Since summer is one of the most popular seasons to get married it is going to be a very competitive field out there when it comes to venues, vendors, and even wedding dress shopping. A good point of reference for finding that perfect wedding venue would be 16 to 18 months. 

Prepare For The Elements 

Depending on where you live summer sometimes comes with rain! Yes that is right rain so you should always be prepared for the unexpected. It is also important to make sure your guests feel comfortable in the heat. If you are having an outdoor wedding it is important to have fans and water for your guests. You might always want to include sunglasses and even sunblock. Having these little things make the biggest difference for you and your guests. 

Summer Inspired Food

If you are unsure on what food and treats you want to have at your wedding. Look towards the summer season for inspiration. When you think of summer you always want something light and refreshing for you menu. Things like seafood and nice salads are always a great option. Look for things that are in season during the summer to incorporate into your dishes. You can also have fun with your cocktail menu with frozen margaritas and alcohol infused popsicles. It's all about having fun and finding unique things for your big day. 

Additional Wedding Events

Summer time is usually the highest travel time as well. If you are planning on having a destination wedding or you have a lot of guests that are coming in from out of town having other events is the prefect idea. You can either plan a welcome cocktail event or even a day after brunch. Some guests choose to take extra days off and what better way to make use of this time then wedding events. 

We hope these tips will help get that perfect summer wedding you have been dreaming about. Be sure to let us know what summer ideas you are planning on incorporating. 

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