5 Tips To Help You Destress While Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is very exciting but it can also be a bit overwhelming. Although it is easy to get caught up with your to do list be sure to allow yourself time to rest and reset so that you can enjoy the experience. Incorporate these 5 tips to help you take a step back and relax.

1. Breathing/Meditation

If you find yourself not being able to concentrate and in a frenzy take a moment to yourself to simple breathe. Whether it be outside or in a quite place inside. Concentrate on your breathing and try to make your mind blank. This is such a great way to calm yourself when feeling overwhelmed. Doing this for a few minutes is sure to put you in a better mind set.

2. Take a Bath

A nice warm bath can be the perfect thing to relax you. Using bath bombs or bubble baths with relaxing scents like lavender and eucalyptus makes for great aromatherapy. Bath bombs also have moisturizing properties allowing you treat your skin while unwinding.

3. Beauty Sleep

Staying up all night finalizing plans? Not having enough sleep can take a toll on your body and mind. Be sure to be getting enough sleep to insure you are refreshed to continue your wedding planning the next day. Avoid feeling burnt out by keep a regular sleeping schedule.

4. At home Spa

At the end of the day give your skin a little TLC. Applying a face mask is a fun way to destress. There are masks made to relax and revitalize your skin. Stress can also be linked to breakouts so showing you skin some love is sure to help with that as well.

5. Stay hydrated

Everyone should be drinking enough water through out the day but it can be easily forgotten. Staying hydrated has so many benefits and is sure to help keep you focused on your planning. If you aren't a fan of water try infusing it with fresh fruit or drinking it from one of your favorite cups. Some people enjoy drinking from straws, which maybe something to try out.

Remember to relax and enjoy the process of putting your wedding together when the big day comes everything will fall into place and it is sure to be a magical time to remember. Let us know any other tips you have that can have helped you keep cool, calm, and collected.

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