Wedding Nails Inspiration

So you've picked out your dress and accessories. You know what make up and hairstyle you want to rock but have you thought about your nails? It's time to think about what your nails will be looking like when you've got that beautiful ring on your finger. From instagram pictures to showing it off to friends and family. Quite the attention will be focused on your hands. Let us bring some inspiration on some pretty colors and design you can choose for the big day.

Beautifully Embellished 

Why not have your nails sparkle and shine just like your ring? Having some fun crystals or sparkles add a fun touch to your bridal look. Keep the nail color neutral to balance out the look of the added charms. You can choose to have them on all the nails or keep it classy with an accent nail. 


A metallic nail color is great for adding some color to the nails but also keeping it in the natural family. It adds a a fun element with out it being too bold looking on the nails. Choose to go full metallic or add accents of it through out the nails. Gold is a popular color to adding creative designs for an extra pop in your mani.


Marble nails look so pretty and add a unique look to your manicure. We love the look of a blush pink marble look. Just like all of the nail options you can choose to do you whole set of nails in this pattern or just add a few accent nails. 

Modern Classic

The french tip nails are a staple when it comes to nail designs. In this day and age there are great variations on this classic, here are some of out favorites to try out. 

Let us know which nail art is your favorite and which one you will be going for your big day! Be sure to follow us on all of our other social media platforms for more bridal inspiration. 


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