Must Have Items To Keep Your Make Up Flawless On Your Wedding Day

The big day is here and you want to look fabulous as ever. Wether you do you own glam or get it professionally done you can never go wrong with keeping a few extras with you to ensure that look stays flawless through out the day. Let us go over some items that will come in handy in securing your look. 


Having concealer allows you to make small corrections if you notice budging in your foundation. It is typically a much more compact item to carry with you than a full bottle of foundation. It is also more precise and concentrated formula to target specific areas. Be sure to use a shade that matches your foundation to cover and a lighter shade to brighten. There are great long wearing products from various price points so choose one you feel comfortable with. 

Setting Spray

Once your make up is done top it off with some setting spray. Depending on your skin type and look you want to achieve there is a setting spray out there for you. We recommend one that is meant to keep the makeup looking fresh and in place for hours to come. If you have an oily skin type there are spray to keep you matte. If you have dry skin there is also dewy setting sprays. These are great to refresh your make up look through out the day. Mattifying sprays work great for summer weddings and dewy ones give you a burst of hydration for those winter weddings. 

Blotting Sheets

Avoid that shine in pictures with blotting sheets. These thin papers are here to keep oil under control. Simple press them on the problem area and watch the shine disappear. They are compact and perfect to keep around even in your day to say make up bag.


This one maybe an obvious one but be sure to keep your lipstick handy to easily touch up any worn off look. Liquid lipsticks are known to have a stronger holding power than the average lipstick but they can also be a bit more drying. Be sure to pick a formula you are most comfortable with. 

Makeup remover

Make up remover wipes are an easy way to clean up any mistakes. Smudged eyeliner? Need to remove lipstick? No need to worry because they have it covered. 

Having these items handy with you on your big day is sure to help you look flawless through out the day. Picture perfect ready at any moment. Leave a comment letting up know any other must haves you thing would be a great addition. Don't forget to stay connected with us through our other social media linked. 

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