Is A Microwedding Right For You?

A current trend that is catching more and more attention for future weddings is the microwedding. Today we will be going over what exactly a microwedding is and how it might be the perfect fit for you. 

What Is A Microwedding?

Mircroweddings have existed before this time but they are now becoming more popular due to social distancing and following guidelines that will help keep everyone happy and healthy. A microwedding is just like a traditional wedding but on a smaller scale, hence the name. Typically it includes no more than 50 of your closets friends and family. They can be as formal or informal as you find most fitting to your style. 

Why It Might Be Perfect For You!

There are many ways a mircowedding can be a great thing for you and you partner. Due to the current circumstances having a small scaled wedding would be a great option for practicing healthy procedures such as social distancing. 

Having a smaller wedding also means saving on your over all budget. A small scale wedding means smaller amount of food, decorations, seating, and even a smaller venue. This can also allow you to splurge on certain things on your wedding that you maybe wouldn't have been able to before. It is great to save some of that money and add it to your honeymoon budget.

A microwedding allows you to have a more relaxed and intimate wedding with your guests. Who wouldn't want to spend more time mingling with the people you love? You are sure to make unforgettable memories with great friends and family. 

More venue options are now available because of your microwedding. No need to rent out a giant hall when you can have your celebration at an art gallery, a peaceful garden or even a beautiful beach house over looking the ocean. 

A microwedding is a great option to consider when planning for your celebration. Let us know what you think and if you think it might be the right fit for you! 


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