7 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Our hearts go out to everyone during this uncertain time and hope everyone is staying safe. Today we want to bring some light to those those who have had to reschedule their wedding. Although it can be disheartening we want to share some tips on how you can still celebrate your original set wedding date.

Here are some ideas you can do from the comfort of your own home!

1. Sweet Beginnings 

You might not be able to take a bite of your wedding cake like planned but that doesn't mean the day has gone sour. If you love baking and getting creative we say use the day to bake some sweet treats with your loved on. Get creative and decorate them with your wedding theme. If you aren't the baking type pick up your favorite treats from you local bakery. Nothing better than comfort food for this special day.

2. Cheers Away

This is a day worth celebrating so pop some bubbly and get your drink on. If you have signature cocktails for your day we recommend recreating them. 

3. Virtual Cocktail Hour 

Now that you've recreated your drinks hop on a call with friends/family to celebrate together. Having a virtual cocktail hour is a great way to incorporate people close to you on this special day. 

4. Dress to Impress

It maybe very easy to want to stay in your pajamas all day since you're home but we say get your glam on. Getting ready and putting on your favorite dress can boost your mood. Take the morning to pamper yourself with a face mask and a nice bath. 

5. Have A Photoshoot

Now that you have gotten glam it's time to take some pictures. These will be great to look back on. Although the day may not have gone how you originally planned you and your partner were still able to make great memories and celebrate in together.

6. Love letters

Take some time with your partner to write a special letter to one another. If you feel comfortable you may want to exchange vows. This is a beautiful reminder of your love for one another.

7. Slow Dancing

Put on your first dance song and twirl the night away.

Rescheduling your wedding doesn't mean you can't celebrate your love for one another. We hope you find inspiration in these ideas and stay safe.

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