How To Rock Hair Accessories On Your Big Day

Hair accessories come in many different forms from veils to hair clips. They all are here to take to your hair to the next level. If you are thinking of using hair accessories there are a few things to think about before hand. But there is no need to worry because we are here to show you how to have your best hair day with beautiful accessories. 

1. Bring Accessory To Hair Trial

Your wedding hair trail is the best time to bring your accessories you are planning on using on the big day. Take note of how your accessory feels. If it was too heavy or it didn’t keep still. You can then discuss this with your hairstylist so you can make adjustments. 

2. Always Coordinate With Your Accessory 

Before you go shopping for the accessories be sure to think of what hairstyle you want to wear. Make sure it works with it. Sometimes certain styles will be thrown off with accessories or they won’t work to hold it. You are always going to want to think of this. 

3. Sometimes Less Is More

Going with simple pieces can also have a big impact on the look. Your not going to want your accessories to steal the show. Choose one that will not only compliment your hairstyle but your overall bridal look.

4. Go With What Is Most You

If you typically don’t like fussy hairstyles then you might not want an over the top accessory. On the other hand if you are used to being bold with your style try going for a statement hair piece. 

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