What You Should Know About Post Wedding Brunches

Send off your loved ones after the wedding with a wonderful brunch. It is the perfect intimate time to get to recap the fun of the night before. It also allows you to spend a little extra time that might have been missed during the wedding. It might seem like an added step in wedding planning but it can be done easily and it is very worth it. Keep reading to see how to have an amazing post wedding brunch. 

So Who Should Attend The Brunch?

It would be awesome to have your entire wedding guests present but sometimes that isn't possible. Either because of budgeting or even timing for your quests. So be sure to invite your immediate family, wedding party, and of course their plus one's. Be sure to also keep the guest list consistent when inviting your friends. It should be equal parties getting the invite. 

Should There Be Parting Gifts for Your Guests?

If you are planning on giving out wedding favors the day of the wedding be sure to check for left overs that you can bring for the brunch. Some guests simply forget to pick theirs up. It would be best not to bring more gifts because most of your guests are already packed up and ready to head out. 

What's The Dress Code?

Your dress code should depend of what kind of brunch you want to have. You can go as casual or formal as you would like. You can keep the same dress code from your wedding if you want to continue the same theme. 

You Can Still Have A Budget Friendly Brunch

If you want to say a quick good bye before your guests head out you can set up a quick bite they can pick up. It doesn't have to be a sit down event. This is sure to cutdown costs. You can also choose to not include alcohol only with your guests want to purchase from the bar themselves. Im sure they are going to understand after the wedding you hosted. 

Select An Appropriate Time

Finding the perfect time that isn't too early or too late is the key for the perfect brunch. Think between the time of 10-12pm. That will take into a count check out times for your guests. Be sure to also take into consideration how long your wedding goes on for. Also think about how many of your guests have to travel. This will all help you determine your best time. 

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